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Behavior & Training

"It’s hard to express what Leigh has meant to our family.  We started with the three-week Puppy Obedience Program and have evolved into weekly walks and vacation overnights.  Leigh treats our dog as if he’s her own.  She treats our home with respect and professionalism.  Her communication skills are superior as well as her broad knowledge base of training and pet care.  She’s been a sounding board as well as a consultant over the time we’ve known her.  We trust her implicitly with the care and well-being of our 80 pound baby Beaumont.  One of the best things about Leigh is her ability to read the dog as well as the owner and customize the best course of training.  Having the ability to do in home and neighborhood specific training is invaluable during a dogs early education.  We work hard so Beaumont can have the best life ever, Leigh is one of the main reasons this has come true."

The Lane Family, Greenbrae

"Working with Leigh was an absolute pleasure. She is extremely professional and very efficient and effective with just one training session. We had a tricky potty training situation. Our stubborn, almost 2 year old Frenchie, Gustave, still was having accidents in the house, despite being house trained as a puppy. Leigh came in with a fresh prospective, had us change the location of our doggie door and suggested a great morning walking/leaving routine that would not leave him anxious with the urge to mark. I have to say that since our session, Gustave has not had any accidents in the house.

She also helped us work with him on the leash. He would stop constantly on walks but by using a harness instead of a collar and a few treats/commands, she transformed our walking experience to make it much for enjoyable for both of us.

I would recommend Leigh to anyone who has a dog that needs a little fine tuning and would be confident that she could easily take on major issues as well. Gustave instantly loved her and we did too! We are forever grateful for meeting her."

Courtney, Tyler and Gustave, Mill Valley

"Leigh literally changed our lives.  High energy really didn't start to describe our two Labradoodles. If they weren't so unique looking, I would have thought Leigh swapped them out for two different dogs. We went from two out of control dogs ... or as I learned from Leigh ... two dogs that were actually the ones in control ... to the happy place we are now.

There has been a total shift in who is calling the shots around here, and the dogs are so much happier for it.  Happy doesn't start to describe how we feel about it!

We are having so much fun with the dogs, and we really owe it all to Leigh.  She was always supportive, never judgmental ... most of all, she had complete confidence that everything would work out.  She really worked with us to find solutions that fit our specific needs.  With our busy schedules, we really appreciated the way Leigh worked with the dogs without us and then transferred the skills and knowledge to us.  Not only did it save us time, but it gave us the confidence that our dogs could be controlled, we just needed to learn how to do it.  I liked how the 3 week program was a fixed length of time with a specific goal for each week so I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust me ... Trust Leigh!  Life outside the tunnel is wonderful!  Woof!"

Maggie and Henry Mead, Sausalito

"We were a contented suburban couple with a tranquil adult Labrador, Teddy, when Fate brought an abandoned small poodle mix into our lives. Kate, a tiny, scraggly six month old terror, was found near the freeway in the East  Bay. She had –we surmised – been through some tough times. A true Alpha female, she was determined to be the Leader of our Pack. Her attempts to dominate resulted in Teddy’s developing anxiety and leash aggression. Both dogs were demonstrating a range of behaviors that left my husband and I desperate for help.
Having watched Leigh, a petite lady, effectively handle eight or nine dogs on and off leash at our local dog run, we felt confident that she could help us.
Leigh’s experience and thorough understanding of canine psychology and training techniques gave us the tools we needed to win back control of our home and blend all four of us into a cohesive family.
We’re all a lot calmer and happier. Kate has even consented to share the Pack Leader role – sometimes!"

Karen Metz and Leon Farley, Greenbrae

"We met Leigh shortly after adopting Riley from a rescue group in the City. It was apparent to us that Riley had some “reactive” issues, which we had not been made aware of. Trish King at the Marin Humane Society recommended Leigh to us as a person who could socialize and work with Riley. Though we are experienced dog owners we never had or knew anything about reactive dog behavior or how to manage it. It was very unsettling for both Riley and us.

After meeting with Leigh, we felt very confident that she could work with Riley and us. We were not disappointed. Riley responded well to Leigh’s confidence, knowledge and experience. Her love for dogs and her obvious skill for handling this difficult situation were very reassuring to Riley and us. Riley always felt confident and safe with her and therefore he started his road to recovery. Riley is still our work in progress but we will always be grateful to Leigh for the love and guidance she gave him."

Michael & Jeannette, San Rafael

"West Coast Dog Company’s 3-week puppy obedience training program is easy, convenient and fun! Our puppy graduated from the 3-week course with the ability to "stay", "wait", "leave it", walk with a loose leash, and several other cute tricks, all while wagging his tail. Leigh is a real pleasure to be around and my dog simply loves her! I'd highly recommend this puppy obedience training course to anyone."

Kate Klimenko, Kentfield

"Our dog, Luna, needed more attention than we were able to provide after the birth of our three sons.  Her daily morning walks were decreasing in frequency and her sociability was becoming affected. Luna became very leash reactive with other dogs. Off leash, she would target smaller dogs and pin them in a show of dominance.

Leigh came very highly recommended by Trish King of the Marin Humane Society, and I am thrilled we found her.  Luna is happier than ever.  She gets so excited to see Leigh and returns comfortably exhausted from her outings.

Leigh gives us regular reports on how Luna is doing.  She is socializing well with all dogs and enjoys her off leash adventures.  Now she is much more comfortable around other dogs and even goes off leash on outings with other small dogs. Her behavior has dramatically improved since Leigh entered the picture. Our family is so happy that Leigh is giving Luna the attention she needs.

Thanks Leigh!"

The Centeno Family, Greenbrae.

"I wanted to write a personal note to acknowledge the amazing job Leigh has done with our new family member Tasha, a Siberian Husky. Her clear direction and knowledgeable approach with Tasha has been truly effective. We feel that the money we have spent on her three-week puppy basic obedience training has been a completely worthwhile investment. The time she has taken to work with and instruct us as well as Tasha will continue to pay off for some time to come. The "tune-ups" are also very, very helpful for Tasha and for her human family. We look forward to continuing our work with Leigh in the future. If anyone we know gets a new dog, we will definitely recommend that they give
Leigh a call!"

The Patterson family, Novato




Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

"After our family, Leigh is our dogs' best friend. They bound to her with joy when she arrives to take them on their walks. Her warmth, sense of fun, and deep understanding of dogs gives me great confidence that they are safe and having a fabulous time when they are out together. Leigh is a wonderful dog trainer, with significant education and experience in this area. She has helped me successfully deal with a variety of behavioral issues. She also has wonderful instincts, and has problem solved with me over some puzzling behavior we have seen with one of our dogs, which we adopted as an adult. She always has a solution when I am scratching my head about something. Our dogs adore Leigh, and so do we!"

The Clifford Family, Kentfield

"We all spend hours raising our precious baby’s then all too fast it’s time to hand them over to one who can help us raise them and turn them into well rounded little canines.

Who can we trust? will they be safe? Who could possibly love them as much as we do?

Enter Leigh Pyron, happy, happy, joy, joy did we get lucky! An aunt, a buddy, a purveyor of good times in spades and of course the perfect trainer. There is no one like her and our Chloe goes mental when she arrives for the days outing.

Thanks Leigh you are the best!”

Julie and Peter Casady, San Rafael

“Leigh is not just one of Gracie’s all-time favorite humans (she cries for joy when Leigh arrives) but she’s also like a part of our family.  Leigh not only takes Gracie for some of her greatest adventures, but she has been our “on call” trainer and coach whenever we need her. She is not only skilled and great with dogs, but she’s always a patient, positive and upbeat person.  She's generous with her time, intuitive, and an excellent teacher for our whole family. When we needed extra help, she worked with us through Trish King of the Humane Society to help us become better dog owners.  Gracie’s a much better-behaved and happier dog – and a better member of our family -- because Leigh’s in our life!”

Donna and Ed Bernstein, Kentfield

"Leigh has been looking after our Labrador, Milo, since we got him as an 8 week old puppy in 2007. She started out puppy sitting him and once he was old enough, took him along for group walks and has even pet-sat for him while we were away. Milo has quite literally grown up with Leigh.
Our dog Milo is our world and our search for a dog walker was therefore no small undertaking. We were not only looking for someone who we could trust Milo with, who was kind and gentle. As busy working people, we also wanted someone who we could trust to be in our home when we were not there, who was reliable, communicated schedule changes in a timely manner, provided a back-up in the event of illness or holiday, billed accurately, was highly qualified and insured. Leigh is all of those things and more.
Leigh is professional, highly skilled and yet constantly seeks to improve her canine understanding. We appreciate that she is as concerned about Milo and our home as we are. Milo is an active dog and Leigh takes him on great hikes, adapting his walks and play-time to meet his needs, including letting him go swimming. If he gets muddy, she’ll hose him off or even give him a bath before dropping him back at home! Milo adores Leigh and happily trots off to her car when she comes to pick him up.
It is abundantly clear to us that Leigh loves dogs and that they love her. For all these reasons, we are very grateful to have found Leigh."

Dan and Angela Osborne, Larkspur

"We cannot say enough good things about Leigh. Leigh has been walking our energetic Chocolate Labs now for 3+ years. We love her and so do our dogs! We appreciate her professionalism, flexibility and reliability. Leigh goes way beyond a dog walker. She is not just an animal lover, but has a great deal of knowledge of animal behavior. She has worked a lot on training our dogs. For example, she is helping us acclimate our dogs to our new backyard chicken flock. She has pet sat at our home on numerous occasions. We trust her 100% with the dogs and our house. Our dogs are always better behaved upon our return. Most of all, she is extremely personable, easy to work with and most of all is gentle and kind with our dogs. She cares deeply about our dogs' well-being."

The Hobbs Family, Corte Madera

"Leigh has been working with our Boxer, Nelson, since he was about 9 months old.

Nelson did his initial puppy training with Leigh and goes out on group walks with her every week. I consider his outings with her to be much more than just a walk... he gets to run in a safe environment, he gets social interaction with other dogs, he learns to interact and walk appropriately in a group, and he comes home well exercised, happy and clean. Leigh is very reliable and conscientious and takes Nelson out rain or shine. She washes down the dogs with warm water and shampoo, if needed, when they get muddy on an outing. Nelson waits outside on our driveway everyday looking for Leigh and hoping for an outing with her.

Leigh has a unique ability to gain the attention and cooperation of dogs in a very kind manner. She genuinely cares about the dogs and pays particular attention to how she groups them to attain the most positive experience and learning environment for them so they bring home good habits and not the undesirable ones. She has provided us with very helpful and practical advice and suggestions on how to work with Nelson’s personality and temperament.

Leigh has also stayed at our home with both of our dogs while we have left town. I feel 100% comfortable leaving knowing that the dogs are well taken care of and happy. She maintains contact with us while we are gone and gives us updates if we want them. When we return from our trips the house is in great shape and the dogs are happy and seem as if they hardly missed us!

We are so happy to have found Leigh and highly recommend her for her professionalism, reliability and loving care of dogs!"

The Mitchel Family, Kentfiled





West Cost Dog Training



West Cost Dog Training services include puppy/dog obedience training, behavior modification, dog walking and pet sitting/boarding. Dog walking services cover Corte Madera, Greenbrae, Kenfield, Larkspur, and Ross. Dog training services include all of Marin, in addition to the above areas, Belvedere, Fairfax, Mill Valley, Novato, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Sausalito, and Tiburon.